Cost of P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

The Cost of P90x Recovery DrinkĀ Alternative

One of the big bonuses to using a home workout like the p90x rather than going to the gym or hiring a trainer is a one time cost, which is great especially considering the economy. You get yourself the p90x system, you find out what you need for the p90x and get a few pieces of home workout equipment (or even just the resistance bands since thats all you need to start the p90x. But what about the cost of using a p90x recovery drink alternative?
Well as you probably guessed it’s not a one time cost and once you’ve used it up you’ll need to replace it and get a new tub. Now that’s the bad news, but there is some good news. If you look at some of the p90x recovery drink alternative drinks we suggest above you’ll see they range from between 30 to 60 bucks usually, i think the main one is something like 40. What you need to remember is that’s not a monthly cost or a contract. It depends how much you use it but you could easily stretch one of those tubs out to last 2 – 3 months.

The cost of your p90x recovery drink alternative can also depend on what kind of recovery drink you use. The standard type comes in tubs of powder which you mix yourself (usually with milk) but there are, for example, others which come pre-packed in bottles already mixed. This makes things easier and you don’t need to worry about flasks (which means no constantly cleaning) or anything but it does have an additional cost. I wouldn’t really suggest using recovery drinks like these unless you can really afford it, the price can really add up and even then there’s advantages with the powdered. Buying the powdered drinks is cheaper, gives you much more of a choice and all you need to do to make it just as portable (if you’re not drinking it at home anyway) is carry a small carton of milk with you.
So the bad news is you have to pay for it. There’s no free p90x recovery drink alternative I’m afraid but look at it this way:Ā The p90x home workout system is based over three months, and you can take it further than that if you want to. It’s a hard workout which leaves you more than just tired, you will literally be in pain with aching muscles and joints screaming out for a rest. Remember though you might not want to start with too many different types of supplements all at once, because you want to give each one enough chance to actually get some results before you start mixing and matching, and if you start using multiple things you’ll quickly grow quite a quick bill, and frankly you don’t need anything that extensive anyway. If you really want to try it, we do have some reviews of other p90x supplements but, at least to get started with, all you really need is a decent p90x recovery drink alternative.

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Not only will a p90x recovery drink decrease your overall workout time by giving your body the nutrition it needs, it helps your body recover so you won’t spend every other day lying on the couch in pain. If you say for example each recovery drink tub lasts you two months then you’re looking at a few bucks a month to not only hit your goals faster but to not spend the rest of the time in pain.
I’ve posted before about the benefits of using a p90x recovery drink alternative and I don’t think I have to sell you on it. But the point I want you to see is that when it comes to the cost of a p90x recovery drink alternative it’s still cheaper than a gym membership and will make both your training and your life easier while you’re doing the workout routines.

What Does a P90x Recovery Drink Alternative Cost You?

Really, the better question should be what does it cost you not to use a p90x recovery drink. It’ll set you back with your training and with the downtime it’ll take longer than three months to even finish the first set of the p90x workout. Other than that you’ll spend that time missing out on a lot of other things because you’ll just be too worn out from working out. If you want to keep up with your training and your life outside of that you’re going to need to use a good recovery drink.

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