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P90x Protein Bars and P90x Protein Bar Alternative Choices

As well as a P90x recovery drink alternative you can go one step further and use a p90x protein bar alternative instead, or as well. I prefer to use a drink rather than any kind of bar or food personally but some people prefer food while others use both. The same as with the recovery drinks, there is a p90x protein bar alternative – in fact there’s a lot of choice out there. Whether they’re better or worse is, as always, personal opinion. There are some suggestions which get good reviews.

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Or, keep reading to get our opinions on p90x protein bars and (specifically) a good p90x protein bar alternative. If you’re just looking for reviews of p90x protein bar alternative options then have a look at the bottom, we’ve taken a few of the more popular p90x protein bar alternatives and compared them. As always, that’s how I’d base anything. Don’t listen to the hype and sales spiel, listen to reviews of people that have actually used it and got results. If you want to try out a p90x supplement of any form, whether it’s a recovery drink or protein bar then you need to properly test them. They’re not going to make that much difference over a day or two, if you want to test the effectiveness then I’d at least try it for two weeks or so and workout at the same level as you would normally. If you’re not using any kind of recovery formula then you’ll notice a change quickly. If you’ve been using a recovery drink or the p90x protein bars then it might take a little longer to notice the difference.

P90x Protein Bar Alternative Suggestions – P90x Protein Bars

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The first is the PowerBar Recovery Bar is probably the most popular alternative to the p90x protein bar. It comes in packs of 15 in either a peanut butter or cookies and cream flavor. It’s the same sort of formula for most recovery drinks and will do the same sort of deal. It’s the slightly more expensive p90x protein bar alternative but the forum reviews have been great for it and no matter what, if you’re using bars you’re going to pay more than you would had you been using drinks.

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p90x protein bars 150x150 P90x Protein Bar AlternativeThe second suggestion for a p90x protein bar is the Luna Bars range. They have a pretty wide range and they have amazing reviews everywhere. This one comes in a box of 15 as well and it’s slightly cheaper than the PowerBar range. The main difference here is rather than the usual recovery formulation the Luna bars are 100% wheat, dairy and hydrogenated oils free. It’s all natural and use’s kosher ingredients so it is arguably a healthier option.

From what I’ve read you won’t get the same recovery benefits as you would from a formulated bar or drink but you shouldn’t turn down the benefits of using something like this. Remember it’s not a replacement for your healthy diet but it’s certainly a good supplement.

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I still prefer to use a drink myself, and I’ll stick to my p90x recovery drink alternative shakes but there’s certainly something to these bars and I don’t mind a one off once in a while myself. There are other protein bars you can use but these are certainly the most popular and the best value for your money. If you want to try out a p90x protein bar alternative then I’d at least try one of these and see how it goes. My usual rule of thumb is to try any kind of P90x supplement for at least a few weeks if not a month to really see what kind of results I’m getting with it, and most if them sell in packs of fifteen or so and one pack should give you a good example of what to expect at least, you can always get more after that or swap to another if you prefer. You can sometimes buy them individually but they’re a lot more expensive that way. So there’s a lot of options out there for a P90x protein bar alternative and it can make a really big change to your workout, it’s not something to overlook.

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