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The Best P90x Recovery Drink Alternative Drinks

p90x recovery drink alternative P90x Recovery Drink AlternativeWhether you’re brand new to the p90x workout system or you’ve been at it for a while you’re probably looking for a good p90x recovery drink alternative and we thought we’d help out! The p90x is one tough hybrid workout system so it’s important to have a good recovery drink to help you achieve your goals as quickly and easily as possible. We’ve got reviews and guides on some of the best recovery drink alternative choices around. Hopefully we can help you find a good P90x recovery drink alternative and get the most from your P90x schedule!

Being able to train for longer and get more out of it is what it’s all about – the holy grail of a good workout is a good recovery drink and there are certainly alternatives to the p90x drink.

If you just want a good drink and get started then we recommend Amazon since they have the best stuff at the best prices with amazingly fast delivery. To skip all of the review stuff and go straight to our suggested P90x recovery drink alternative of the month:

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weeks top p90x drink P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

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Or, if you want a real alternative to a recovery drink then you might want to consider not using a drink at all, and instead using a recovery bar? Some people don’t like using a post workout recovery drink and prefer to eat something instead and it’s all personal choice. You can see this months suggested P90x protein bar alternative:

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P90x Recovery Drink Benefits

So what kind of benefits do you get from using the P90x recovery drink or a P90x recovery drink alternative? Using a recovery drink gives your body what it needs and fuels it to recover post workout but what does this mean for you?

  • Faster results
  • Faster recovery

It’s as simple as that. If you’re using a high quality recovery drink then  your body is getting everything it needs to keep on going and get you those results. It gets you where you want to be and (this is the best part for me) it helps your body recover. Practically immediately you’re going to feel a difference and rather than suffering from store and stiff muscles you’re going to feel active and ready for the next workout.

Suggested Best P90x Recovery Drink Alternative Drinks

There are hundreds of sports recovery drinks and workout supplements out there, it can be hard to try and find the right one to suit you. So we have a list of a few of the best P90x recovery drink alternative drinks you might want to take a look at. It can be hard to do a good recovery drink comparison because everyone will do a workout differently and get different results for various reasons but every px90 recovery drink and supplement we suggest is there because it’s well known, good quality and has a lot of great success stories behind it.


Isopure seems to be one of the lesser known recovery drinks (I like to think of it as an uncovered gold nugget) but as you can see from the video it certainly has some good advantages to being used as a P90x recovery drink alternative. They have a really big sale on it and loads of sizes and flavors to pick between so you’re sure to find something to suit. That price will probably go back to normal at one point but at the moment it’s one of the cheapest options for a quality 90x recovery drink and it’s certainly one worth taking a look at.

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endurox 150x150 P90x Recovery Drink AlternativeWhen I hear someone ask for a good recovery drink after workout sessions like the P90x Endurox is usually one of the first ones to mind. It’s been one of our main suggested recovery drinks simply because of how popular it’s been and how many success stories and great reviews there are from it and it’s been on the best seller list for recovery drinks longer than any other drink I’ve seen.

According to the manufacturer it reduces muscle damage by around 36% and improves your endurance itself by 55%. Now I tend not to believe whatever figures they throw at you when they’re trying to sell you something but take a look at some of the reviews people are giving this recovery drink – the results speak for themselves in this case.

It’s been used in everything from marathons and martial arts to gyms and home workouts like the P90x. It’s a household name when it comes to recovery drinks and it’s been on our suggested recovery drink list since day 1. It’s a pretty big brand and we suggest the R4, it’s the most up to date and you get an incredibly large choice between flavors and sizes. More so than any other recovery drink I’ve seen. As with any P90x recovery drink alternative, everyone has different opinions about different brands and products but if you can’t decide on one you know for sure is for you, this is a solid choice.

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Whey Gold Standard

You’ve no doubt seen this drink before – it’s one of the most popular around. The astute among you might have noticed that this one is actually a whey protein drink rather than a recovery drink but based purely on it’s quality it’s still worth taking into account.

Whey gold standard (the picture is at the top of the page or you can click the link below to see it, I didn’t want to put the picture in twice) does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s whey protein and it’s built for muscle mass. The reviews this drink gets are like no other and the only reason it doesn’t get the #1 suggested spot is because it’s a protein drink.

What’s the difference in a repair drink and whey protein? Basically a whey protein drink will still help your body repair itself but it’s more built towards building muscle. You might feel a little rougher around the edges than you would if you were using a P90x recovery drink alternative but there’s a high chance you’ll reach your goals faster – if your goals are to build muscle. Nobody can really say either is better than the other, it really just depends on what you want from your supplements. I think the more common choice is to use the P90x (because it’s a great workout and you’re going to see muscle growth) and a recovery drink (so you can keep working out because it’s a *tough* workout to keep up with). Just because that’s how most people do it though, doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

If you want to try a whey protein instead of a P90x recovery drink alternative (you could even try both at different points in your schedule and compare them) then Whey Gold is the way to go. They’ve more reviews and success stories than a lot of other drinks and supplements combined. It’s easily one of the most popular and best performing workout supplements around and it wasn’t the pretty packaging which got it there – it was the results people get with it.

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After Max

recovery drink alternative 233x300 P90x Recovery Drink AlternativeDoes this one look familiar? It’s made by the same makers as Gold Standard Whey which is one of the most popular whey protein drinks (if not the most popular by now). Optimum Nutrition After Max is their recovery drink and it’s certainly pulling it’s weight already in the recovery drinks arena.

Optimum Nutrition is a well known name and their drinks are known to get great results. Their sports recovery drink, After Max, is doing pretty well and certainly does get results. The problem with it, and I’m not the only one that finds this, is the taste. You don’t really get a lot of choice with this one – they offer one set size and only three flavors. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a go and I’m sure there are some people who might actually like the taste. But having a P90x recovery drink alternative that you actually enjoy drinking can make things a lot easier for you. Pinching your nose and drinking is always an option though, who cares what it tastes like if it’s getting you results?

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Choosing the right after workout recovery drink doesn’t need to be rushed. There’s a lot of different brands out there and there might be a recovery drink we haven’t seen before to review it (although we do try to keep on top of new drinks). With all the different formulations there’s simply not one drink which is the best workout recovery drink so don’t feel that if we don’t have it on the list you can’t use it as a P90x recovery drink alternative – feel free to try it out for yourself and see what kind of results you get. If you’re stuck for choice however, any of the above are proven performers and will bring you great results if you use them (and your workout) properly.

What do you look for a in p90x recovery drink alternative?

There are all sorts of options you can choose when trying to find a p90x recovery drink alternative but choosing a good effective one which is right for you can make things a lot easier. The better the repair drink the less downtime you have, the less pain you’ll go through with the p90x and the faster you’ll see your results. That’s really what it comes down to, the better the p90x recovery drink alternative you get, the faster you’ll see results.

Some people have told me they get a much better result from a good p90x drink alternative than from the p90x reocvery drink itself, but each to their own and this is not a p90x recovery drink review. People prefer different things so there really is no best recovery drink, there are a few key things you should be looking for though if you want to get the most from your workout and p90x recovery drink alternative.

You want the right formulation of nutrition to recover from each workout as quickly as possible so you can both workout again tomorrow, and not spend the rest of today limping around. You need sugars to give you energy and proteins to help provide muscle weight. Lastly, but not least, you need a taste which appeals to you. If it tastes good and/or you have different flavors to swap between then drinking it becomes easier and not something you mentally put off. The majority of the p90x recovery drink alternative choices out there do taste pretty good.

Some workout programs swear you need to combine different drinks and while many people do with some success really all you need is one good drink (though having multiple flavors does help stop you getting sick of them). It’s important to use your p90x recovery drink alternative properly as well and make sure you’re taking it at the right times and in the right amounts, it becomes second nature pretty quickly though.

A lot of people use flavored milk as a p90x recovery drink alternative and while you do get calcium, there’s really not enough nutrition there. Sure you can use chocolate milk as a p90x recovery drink alternative in the same way as you can completely skip using a recovery drink at all. It might taste great but it doesn’t give your body everything it needs to properly grow and recover so in the end you’ll just be making more work for yourself than you really need to.

You have various p90x recovery drive alternative options available, some work better than others and some suit different people differently. We suggest the Ultragen recovery mix as it’ a great performing p90x recovery drink alternative which gets great reviews and a fast enough recovery to keep up with a p90x schedule. If this doesn’t suit you there are several good quality alternatives (the scrolling display at the top right has our top suggestions) but really anything good quality will help. Getting the right recovery drinks will speed things up and reduce your downtime however and Ultragen takes care of this. If you’re looking for a more traditional p90x recovery drink alternative then the gold standard whey protein is a pretty good choice as well.

If it bothers you not to use the official p90x supplements but you don’t want to use the p90x recovery drinks then you could use an alternative drink with a p90x peak performance protein bar if you like bars. Some people use bars and others don’t, it’s a personal preference but one worth trying if you haven’t already. I wouldn’t suggest using a bar as a p90x recovery drink alternative through, recovery drinks are easier to take, better performing and usually cheaper in the long term. Use a combination, but don’t replace your p90x recovery drink alternative with them completely.

If you really want to get the most out of the p90x workout system you should consider their peak package alongside a p90x recovery drink alternative. Just remember that these things can really help you speed up the process and hit those goals faster but you will need to put the work in, with the right drinks and equipment you’ll just make it it a heck of a lot easier on yourself and the difference in working out with and without a good p90x recovery drink alternative is incredible.

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What About The Original Beach Body P90x Recovery Drink?

results and recovery formula 300x300 P90x Recovery Drink AlternativeIf you didn’t already know, the P90x actually has it’s own recovery drink produced by the same producers as the workout itself. With all of the drive towards using a P90x recovery drink alternative and the various big names producing drinks and supplements, are we forgetting about the original P90x recovery drink made by beach body? Don’t worry beach body, we haven’t forgotten your P90x results and recovery formula just yet.

Considering the name of the site (recovery drink alternative) it’s less than surprising we focus mainly on alternative recovery drinks but in the interest of helping you make an informed decision and getting the right P90x recovery drink alternative I’d like to show you a quick look at it, don’t rule it out as a recovery drink but if you’re going to choose an alternative at least be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

So why the interest in using a P90x recovery drink alternative rather than the original?

  • The price for the P90x results and Recovery Formula is quite high (most people are not aware they can use a P90x recovery drink alternative perhaps)
  • Extremely limiting in terms of taste and size (one flavor and your choice is only between a one size tub and very expensive packets)
  • People have complained about taste and results
  • Lack of choice and flexibility

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It’s not that this is a bad recovery drink – it does have a lot of great points to it and I’m sure it’s helped a lot of people. And if you look around enough you’ll probably be able to find bad reviews for nearly anything, including other recovery drinks. But basically, everything else aside there is very little choice with the original drink and using a P90x recovery drink alternative opens a lot of doors for you to both save money and get better results. Please note nobody is saying that it’s a bad recovery drink or that you shouldn’t try it (variety is the spice of life after all) but just be aware it’s not a captive market and there is such a thing as a P90x recovery drink alternative.

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