P90x Recovery Drink Review

The P90x Recovery Drink Review

It’s about time there was a good P90x recovery drink review around. I mean one of the first things that comes up on Google for it is a review page from Beach Body. I’m not saying they edit those things, but there’s certainly the possibility there. So I thought it was time we added a proper review of the original p90x recovery drink. Now we’ve done plenty of recovery drink reviews in the past before, mostly looking at the various P90x recovery drink alternative choices but out of our top three recovery drink lists you’ll see the original P90x recovery drink is actually #3 on the list so we’re not exactly running a hate campaign here.

We’ve done a lot of post workout supplement reviews so far and we’ve even already looked at the results and recovery formula from beach body but we had a few emails asking us ‘why we hate Beach Body’ and we just want to be clear we don’t so we thought we should explain why we prefer to use an alternative recovery drink.

P90x Recovery Drink Review Online

So usually when we give a review on a recovery drink we suggest that you look at existing reviews to see what other people think about the drink. Now you’ll never find one which nobody has a problem with, you rarely find that with anything online, but with something where taste and personal results come into it someone is always going to have a problem. But looking at the average reviews the recovery drink gets it does pretty well with an average of 80% positive results.

Now even with the best workout recovery drink you’re never going to get a full 100% someone is going to dislike the taste and someone else is going to slack off during the workout and blame the recovery drinks and program rather than their own dedication and effort. So it’s a pretty good score and it’s a good drink which is why it’s on that list.

But, as we said, it’s number 3 on the list and for good reason. It’s a good quality recovery drink and it’s popular because it’s been promoted to people who own the P90x by the guys that made it. But it doesn’t can’t compete with a good quality P90x recovery drink alternative. The recovery drinks we’ve reviewed (the good ones anyway) are cheaper, more flexible (in terms of size and flavor) and have a lot better reviews. When these are the staples of judging a good recovery drink it’s pretty hard to argue with the results.

Now we took a a look at the original p90x recovery drink before where we looked at the full pros and cons of the workout drink and that was several months ago, and not much has changed. The alternatives have only become more popular and the original has fallen further behind.

Our P90x Recovery Drink Review Conclusion

It’s all down to personal choice and we always have said that. We don’t have anything against BeachBody, they’re P90x workout programme is great and we think the original results and recovery formula deserves it’s spot at number three, but we’re pretty sure the alternatives are right to be above it. We’re not saying the P90x recovery drink is a bad drink. We’re not saying don’t use it. We’re just saying there’s a lot of P90x recovery drink alternatives which you could take a look at and we wouldn’t really be right if we did a P90x recovery drink review without suggesting them.

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