P90x Recovery Drink Substitute

Getting a P90x Recovery Drink Substitute

While the P90x recovery drink is great we usually suggest using a p90x recovery drink substitute also known as a p90x recovery drink alternative.  There’s three main reasons we’d suggest using an alternative or substitute to the p90x recovery drink.

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  • More choice
  • Better results
  • Cheaper

Now, as always, as long as you’re using a recovery drink you’re going to get better results from it than compared if you don’t use anything. But based on workout message boards people have been getting much better results by using a p90x recovery drink substitute after changing from the original drink. And you do certainly have more choice (there’s a lot of good quality recovery drinks available out there). While you can also use this oppurtunity to find something which works better for you it also means you’re not locked into paying the price for that drink.

You don’t get a p90x recovery drink substitute from Beach Body, they produce their own recovery drinks (although they do have some other great products we’ve reviewed) so when you’re picking your p90x drink (or recovery drink for any workout) you have a lot of options and flexibility. If you don’t know where to start take a look at our p90x recovery drink ingredients post and compare that to the p90x recovery drink substitute options you have. Or, if you’re not looking for something in specific we have some great suggestions below for the best P90x recovery drink substitute.

P90x Recovery Drink Substitute – Recovery Drink Choices

P90x Recovery Drink Substitute P90x Recovery Drink SubstituteSome of the drinks out there are more expensive certainly, but some are also a lot cheaper. As a general rule of thumb if you buy bigger tubs you pay more to begin with you save more money in the long run (it’s cheaper to buy one big one rather than two small ones. But before you spend the money on a big tub of your chosen p90x recovery drink substitute make sure it’s something that’s actually going to get you results. Rather than listening to a shop owner or the makers website (because they’re going to tell you whatever you want to hear to get a sale) we suggest going by third party reviews. And no, we don’t mean just buy whatever we say is good – use Amazon reviews. The great thing with the way they work is actual buyers to review a product after they buy. It means you get an impartial review from people actually using the p90x recovery drink substitute while working out and sharing their experience with it.

Now no recovery drink is every going to get complete 5/5. In fact, nothing really ever is on a site like that because someone will always find something to complain about or they won’t really be working out and just expect the drink to do everything for them or something. So I tend to look for at least 4/5 stars – maybe 3 and a half if there’s only a few reviews.

The couple of p90x recovery drink substitute examples we suggest have good reviews on Amazon (especially the gold standard whey – that one has been getting crazily good reviews) and around workout communities. We’d say they’re a safe bet to get a big tub of but everyone has different tastes so it’s not a bad idea to get a small one to start with if you’re not sure. With any p90x recovery drink (or any recovery drink for that matter) there’s no one best recovery drink and some people prefer different things.

The p90x recovery drink alternative drinks we suggest are proven performers and will get you results but don’t think you’re locked into these choices. Give one a try and if you don’t think they’re the best for you then there’s an entire list you can take your pick from. It doesn’t matter what the color of the tub is, it doesn’t matter who makes it or what their product page tells you it’ll do (because let’s face it – most of them will tell you it’ll do all the work for you if it’ll make a sale) the only thing that matters is that you get something good quality and you put the work in behind it to actually get a result out of it. That’s how you get a P90x recovery drink substitute and get the most out of it.

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