P90x Results and Recovery Formula

The P90x Results and Recovery Formula

As you can guess quite rightly from the name of the blog we’re a much bigger fan of using a p90x recovery drink alternative but some people prefer using the original p90x recovery drink also known as the p90x results and recovery formula. Really as long you’re using any kind of workout recovery drink you’re giving yourself the edge to succeed and meet your targets. So this is our review of the recovery formula and the kind of P90x results you can expect to see from it. You can always skip our review and click below to go get the P90x results and recovery formula and get the results for yourself – but it never hurts to read a review.

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Beachbody describes their p90x results and recovery formula as a great tasting body sculpting cocktail. And while a lot of people using the p90x workout will buy it because its from the same makers a lot of people prefer to use a p90x recovery drink alternative. It’s personal choice and you will get results out of either so don’t start worrying that you made the wrong choice. They’re all recovery drinks and as long as it’s a good quality supplement you’re going to get good p90x results. P90x Results Recovery Formula P90x Results and Recovery Formula

The Original P90x Results and Recovery Formula

The original p90x results and recovery formula isn’t that much different from other recovery drinks and it’s certainly not the only recovery drinks you can use with the p90x. It’s not too much different price wise and reports of effectiveness vary. Some people get better results with the p90x results and recovery formula while others get better with a p90x recovery drink alternative. Like always though, there’s a lot of factors involved and I don’t think anyone can really say that the p90x results & recovery formula is better than a p90x recovery drink alternative or vice versa. It’s personal choice but if you don’t know what to pick then we’d suggest either trying the Ultragen shake, Gold Standard or the p90x recovery drink itself. You can’t go wrong with any of these and they’re all pretty highly reviewed.

But back to the P90x Results and Recovery Formula, it’s one of the few workout recovery drinks which doesn’t have an after taste which is a bonus and the orange taste isn’t bad (although personally I prefer a vanilla or banana in a recovery drink since it goes down easier but I do like having different flavors to change between) and taste is fairly important considering how many times you’re going to be drinking it. On the other hand even the Beachbody website itself has it rated as a bad taste. It’s not like your drink them all day everyday but a better tasting recovery drink is easier to take than a bad one. It’s human nature to resent things which don’t taste good but when I use a p90x recovery drink alternative I look forward to drinking it before a workout. Personal taste varies from person to person however and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the alternatives had reviews saying ‘this tastes bad’ but the difference there is with an alternative you have a lot of choices when it comes to flavors while with the p90x results and recovery formula you’re pretty limited.

You might want to consider sampling it before hand if possible if a friend or perhaps your gym has a tub. Normally we suggest buying the smaller tubs to start with if you’re picky about taste. I’m fairly picky about what I eat and drink which is why I tend to go for the smaller tubs first and then if I know I like it I’ll get a bigger tub next time (because bigger tubs are much cheaper in the long run).

Beachbody did such a great job with the p90x system itself it’s hard to fault them for the p90x recovery drink and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with it – it’s just that going by the numbers a lot of p90x recovery drink alternative brands are getting better reviews, and you get a lot more flexibility and choice with them. Although you will get results using just the p90x results and recovery formula, the price is the same and why make yourself work harder than you have to?

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