P90x2 Recovery Drink

Now I’m a huge fan of the P90x and think it’s a great workout. The P90x2 was designed as a continuation of that workout which I think is an even better idea since it keeps people working out and after a while the same P90x workouts might drive you a little mad. But it’s led people to start looking for a P90x2 recovery drink.

A trend I’ve been seeing which disturbs me is some fitness websites talking about a P90x2 recovery drink and actually calling it a real thing. It’s not. The P90x 2 recovery drink is actually the exact same as a P90x recovery drink. The only thing which changed is the workout guys, you don’t actually need to change your drink.

There was a new formula for the P90x Results and Recovery Formula a while ago – but that doesn’t mean it’s a P90x-2 recovery drink. It’s not even called that. But some people (and I don’t mean BeachBody here I’m talking about unscrupulous website owners looking to make a quick buck) are trying to pass it off as a drink which you need for the P90x2 workout.

Using a Recovery Drink for the P90x2

p90x2 recovery drink P90x2 Recovery DrinkIf you’re just starting to use a recovery drink now that you’ve started the P90x2? First of all congratulations for making it through without using a recovery drink. I always say that recovery drinks help you get better results and certainly help keep you in less pain – but it’s certainly possible to do the workout without one. Now that you’re looking for recovery drinks take a look at our recommended drinks on the top and right hand side – the same drinks which worked for the P90x will work for the P90x2.

If you’ve been using a recovery drink (whether it’s the results and recovery formula or a P90x recovery drink alternative) you can continue to use the same drink on your P90x2 workout. My same advice remains. You are, of course, free to try different drinks but try to give each one at least a decent try before moving on to another.

If you feel like starting your new workout with a new drink then that’s a good way to freshen up your workout routine a bit. But don’t fall into the trap of constantly hopping between drinks and blaming it on the supplements when you’re not doing the work properly. If you’re using one of the recommended recovery drinks then you’ll get results with the P90x2 – if you’re doing the work.

The P90x2 workout itself does focus on recovery workouts and stretches as well. It might not have a specific drink but there is a new section. There’s also a P90x2 nutrition plan which you should stick to. It’s the same as the first one – do the work and you’ll get the results. There’s no magic foods or supplements here. There’s things you can do to help yourself but it’ll all come down to the effort you put in.

The P90X-2 certainly requires more workout equipment if you want to follow it fully. There’s the usual alternatives you can use instead but I wouldn’t suggest passing up on the recovery drink. I know there’s a lot of people who don’t like the idea of using supplements. But I don’t like the idea of not getting the results I want and being in pain while I work out. If you’re following nutrition properly then you’re not hurting yourself – you’re actually giving your body what it wants with a recovery drink. A decent P90x recovery drink is the one thing I would say isn’t optional. It’ll make a difference to any workout and with something as hard as this you’ll be thankful to have the help.

Getting  a P90x2 Recovery Drink

This is our first mention of the P90x2 and it’s not a P90x2 review by any means. I just wanted to clear some of the myths people have been spreading about a P90x2 recovery drink existing. If you ended up here while looking for a drink specific to the P90x 2 I’m afraid there’s no such thing – but there are plenty of options you can choose from and  for that you’re in the right place.

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