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Recovery Drinks and P90x Recovery Drink Alternative Drinks

Some people ask me why I bother using any kind of recovery drinks at all whether it’s a p90x recovery drink alternative or their official drink or performance pack. And it’s true it’s perfectly possible to workout without using the p90x drink or an alternative or even bars etc… Although eating a healthy amount of fruit and veg is still pretty necessary but you should be doing this anyway really.

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Now I won’t say I was smart enough to start my training with a p90x recovery drink or even some basic whey protein. I spend the majority of my first month working out with nothing but my resistance bands and pull up bar. I worked hard and saw some improvement, but friends who I was working with and I knew were working a lot less than I was seemed to be having a much easier time of it. It wasn’t long before I started asking what exactly they were doing and that’s when I got my first p90x recovery drink alternative.

I think the majority of people try one thing or the other. They’ll either get the p90x drink or a p90x recovery drink alternative but I’ve had the unique experience of seeing people on every end through the gym and internet and I can certainly say the ones who are taking the time to get the right p90x recovery drink alternative to suit them and their workout are getting results a lot faster than the ones who are just taking whatever or not using anything at all. I’m not even going to mention the idea of using flavored milk as a p90x recovery drink alternative as it’s been mentioned before and it just downright doesn’t work, really you may as well just be taking nothing.

Using a P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

p90x recovery drink Recovery Drinks

The real reason for using something like the p90x drink, a p90x recovery drink alternative or whey protein is the benefits you get in juice form. Different drinks and supplements offer different things but the majority aim to help you bulk up muscle and recover from a workout without spending the next day or two in pain, this is especially important for the p90x which is based over different days training not to mention it’s a pretty tough workout.

A few people have complained to me about the taste of their p90x recovery drink alternative and I do have to say the original p90x recovery drink might not have tasted the best, but it had no aftertaste which was nice. Most of the p90x recovery drink tubs I suggest either have a basic vanilla taste or have a couple of options so you can always get something you like. The key for a reliable p90x recovery drink for me is something I can get in different flavors because it makes it easier for me to keep taking it. I’m a bit of a fussy eater so having things I can swap between and have a choice of flavors is as important to me as what that specific p90x recovery drink alternative can actually do for me in the long, or short term.

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Some people prefer to use bars (there are multitudes of bars, including a p90x one) rather than drinking, it’s a personal preference, while others choose to do both. The usual problem with using bars is that you need to actually eat before your workout so you’ll feel that food sitting in your stomach. Some people chose to use a drink before their workout and a bar afterwards or alternate between the two, it’s really down to what works best for each individual.

So Why use a p90x recovery drink alternative?

I really have the fight the urge to answer this with ‘why NOT use recovery drinks?’ You get so many benefits at so little cost. It makes your workout easier, your recuperation faster and all you have to do is lift a flask to your lips. A P90x recovery drink alternative helps your body repair itself from the damage you do during training (in a good) way. When the muscles “stitch” themselves back together they have the proper nutrients available to build more muscle where there was none before. You can workout without a P90x recovery drink alternative but it’s just making more work for yourself than you really need to and the difference can stretch into the months if not longer, depending on how much you workout. In short recovery drinks do a lot for you, they make your job a lot easier and help you get results a lot faster. That probably explains why recovery drinks are the most popular form of P90x supplements.

Using any of the P90x recovery drink alternative choices you have is not completely necessary to the point that you’re not going to change without them (anyone who says otherwise is just trying to sell you something) but it does make a tremendous difference. Whether you’re going to the gym, working with the P90x hybrid workout system or even just doing a couple of push ups, a good recovery drink will help you reach your goals quicker and help prevent you from limping around in pain afterwards. They only cost a couple of bucks and they can shave months of training time. The one thing I’d like to mention is make sure you read the guidelines on the bottles – too much of a good thing may cause side effects (depending on what you’re using) and waste your money if nothing else, just follow the suggested use on the tub and they’re all usually about the same.

When you start using the p90x and you have your schedule lined up and your equipment ready your only real cost after that is a good p90x recovery drink alternative. But if you compare this to a gym membership not only are you saving money, but you’d need to have the same kind of thing if you were going to the gym and wanted to see quick results there as well. Even the higher quality p90x recovery drink alternative tubs will last you for a few months for about the cost of a month in the gym anyway.

Using a p90x recovery drink alternative alongside a proper workout will actually give you a long term gain, as well as a quicker route to get there. Some of the junk products and supplements out there have been advertised as a quick and easy route to anything but they don’t give the long term results. A good p90x recovery drink alternative is the only supplement you need and it will make things a lot faster, a lot easier and a lot more long term for you. Anyone who starts telling you that you need to buy some pills or whatever as well as a p90x recovery drink alternative is probably a salesman for whatever it is they’re selling. Once you have your schedule and workout, get yourself a p90x recovery drink alternative and just start working – you’ll see a result!

I’ve been using a p90x recovery drink alternative since the start and I can tell you the people using them are certainly reaching their goals faster than the people using the p90x recovery drink and certainly the ones using nothing at all. Some people say they wouldn’t workout without a certain conditioner or trainer but I certainly wouldn’t go through the p90x again without a p90x recovery drink alternative, it just makes it a lot more work than it actually needs to be.

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