Best P90x Recovery Drink Alternative


Best P90x Recovery Drink Alternative



Our #1 recommended P90x recovery drink "After Max" gets great results and works perfectly with the P90x

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The Best P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

And the best P90x recovery drink alternative is… Drum roll please.

Seriously though, whether you want the best long term results or you’re looking for something which will help you see a noticable difference in the short term for your working, this should be your first stop. It’s one of the best, actually no it’s our number 1 rated (as in THE best) P90x recovery drink and if you don’t want to go through all the reviews – just go with this one and you can’t go wrong.

You guessed it, our 2011 best P90x recovery drink alternative is After Max from Optimum Nutrition. This is not the first drink from them we’ve featured but it’s hard to avoid them, their Gold Standard Whey is a best seller and like the top rated whey protein.

Well, this is their next installment, and I know we’ve mentioned it before but it really couldn’t be said enough. After Max is the kind of P90x recovery. It’s the king of any recovery for that matter and at a fraction of the cost compared to a lot of other recovery drinks.

Now I should point out the list price for this recovery drink alternative is a little over $53 (don’t worry – it doesn’t cost that much!) which is higher than some lower brand sports recovery drinks but at time of writing it’s 34% off on Amazon and only $35. That’s so much cheaper than any other recovery drink and you’re getting so much for that.

Now I do need to say that Amazon could change this price at any time. I’ll update this price when I see they’ve done it but I might miss it so be sure to check the price. Check it out and see if you’re in time for the sale.

So what actually makes this our best rated P90x recovery drink alternative? Well it has everything you would want in a recovery drink.

Advantages as A P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

  • Great recovery with rapid digestion formula
  • Great performance to maximize post workout results
  • Great taste in different flavors
  • Included vitamin and minerals
  • From a hugely popular and well known name

It’s not as popular as the Whey Gold Standard but that’s been around for much longer and the recovery drink market is smaller than the whey protein market. Don’t let that fool you though, this thing has all the earmarks of an Optimum Nutrition drink and it’s not afraid to show it. Some people get both the After Max as a recovery drink and Gold Standard as a whey protein, but you don’t need to go this far.

Disadvantages as A P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

It wouldn’t be a review though if I just told you about what a great P90x recovery drink alternative this was however. So I do have one small problem with it.

  • It’s only available in one size.
    Best P90x recovery drink alternative reviews Best P90x Recovery Drink Alternative

It might not seem like a big deal, and really it isn’t. But sometimes it is nice to get a smaller sample size and it’s what I usually do when I’m trying a new P90x recovery drink alternative for the first time. I don’t want to get stuck with a large tub of workout recovery drink that I’m not going to use. On the other hand since this is probably the best p90 recovery drink around it doesn’t seem a big deal in this case. And buying larger tubs like this really saves you a lot of money in the long run, those small tubs can really add up.

P90x Recovery Drink Alternative Reviews

There’s loads of great reviews behind this one. It’s not quite in the four figure range of it’s Gold Standard “older brother” but it won’t be long before it gets there. It’s already a pretty popular drinks and getting a lot of great feedback. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s from the same makers of one of the biggest protein drinks.

There’s nothing more I can really review about this. It has everything you need, it’s cheap and it does the job. It’s the best P90x recovery drink alternative we’ve reviewed and recommended to anyone doing the P90x or any workout for that matter.

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