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Endurox R4

With the tagline ‘Less Pain, more gain’ it’s not hard to see what Endurox were aiming for with the Endurox R4 and this has certainly been pulling it’s weight in the P90x recovery drink alternative arena.

The Endurox R4 recovery drink has actually had at least one mention on the P90x recovery drink alternative site before but it’s certainly long overdue it’s first real review. It’s been a massive leader in recovery drinks for a long time now and with their different versions they’ve gone from strength to strength.

Now we’ve never been one for facts and figures, because these can usually be fudged and played with but having used Endurox myself I feel comfortable sharing this figure:

Endurox can increase endurance on a subsequent workout by over 50%

It focuses on recovery over performance but it’s certainly a decent trade off since it allows you to put in the extra work and really get yourself results. These guys have been in the market for years so they really know their stuff and that’s one of the main things I look for. Some companies come up with a shiny looking product but when it doesn’t get results they don’t show again, Endurox drinks have been getting results for a long time and this is their most popular yet.

As usual we suggest getting any recovery drink from Amazon. Cheap price, fast delivery and their customer support gives you #1 treatment if you have any problems? Sounds good to me.

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Some recovery drinks can be hard to take because… well frankly they taste bad. Workouts can be hard enough to stick with without having to drink a horrible tasting recovery drink. Endurox R4 comes in 10 different flavors which gives you more choice than any other recovery drink I think we’ve reviewed before, and I really like that. Lemon Lime seems to be the most popular but each to their own and they certainly have some good looking options.

They also give a lot of flexibility in the size department, so you can go bigger or smaller if you want. Smaller tubs are good if you’re doing smaller workouts (although not really great for the P90x) since not only

endurox Endurox

do you have to wait for delivery (although this isn’t long if you’re going through Amazon) but smaller tubs cost you more. Larger tubs save you a lot of money in the long run but if you’re getting a large tub of anything make sure it’s a good quality drink – with Endurox you’ve nothing to worry about but it’s still good that you have the option.

What Have Other People Said About Endurox?

Reviews for the Endurox R4 has been great from all sorts of people from athletes to everyday people like you and me. In all sorts of areas including workouts like INSANITY and the P90x.

Now this can change (and might have done by the time you look at it if I haven’t updated yet) but Amazon usually has a sale on Endurox which means you get it really cheap. Have a look at the different flavors because the sale can vary between them and there might not be one but there *usually* is and it’s really worth going for if they’re on. Heck it’s worth the full price but who wants to pay more even if it is for Endurox, right?

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