Original P90x Recovery Drink


Original P90x Recovery Drink



The original "P90x Results and Recovery Formula" is still a popular choice.

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The Original P90x Recovery Drink

The original P90x recovery drink – the P90x results and recovery formula! I don’t think I’d be doing my job properly if I wasn’t reviewing the original P90x recovery drink as well as alternatives so bias aside I’ll give it a fair look.

While most of this blog reviews different P90x recovery drink alternative variations (and if you’re looking for a good alternative we have plenty to suggest) but the original P90x recovery drink from Beach Body which is meant for the P90x in the first place.

I’m a huge fan of giving people a choice which is why I mainly review p90x recovery drink alternatives but the original results and recovery formula is known to get good results and in all honestly it is hard to fault it. It’s not perfect, but then you’ll find faults in any recovery drink at the end of the day. There’s not anything overly wrong with the original, it’s not that it doesn’t get results.

Problems With the Beach Body P90x Recovery Drink

  • It’s higher price than some alternatives
  • You only get one flavor
  • Less variety

We’ve reviewed about two dozen alternative recovery drinks by now and they all have the same advantage, flexibility and choice. If you don’t like the price, flavor, results or even the color of the packaging you can try a different alternative.

Still though, if it works for you then you don’t need to jump between different brands. If you like the taste and have the money for it then the original P90x recovery drink from beach body is certainly not all bad.

Advantages With the P90x Recovery Drink

  • Reliable brand name
  • Formulated with the P90x workout in mind
  • Dextrose, high protein efficiency and vitamins to improve recovery and get fast results

P90x Recovery Drink Reviews

As always, the way to judge any Recovery drink is by reviews and there certainly are some really good ones out there calling this the best post workout recovery drink, and while some people do have problems with it it’s usually something like the taste or the higher price. For actual results though, it looks pretty good and it’s certainly a popular drink.

Original P90x Recovery Drink1 Original P90x Recovery Drink

So Beach Body have came up with a great recovery drink and a lot of people are getting great results. In my eyes the only place they’re going wrong is charging so much for it and maybe only offering one flavor and size. It’s probably because they offer it directly to people who already own the P90x and it doesn’t occur to people they could use an alternative recovery drink. It’s good from a business sense I suppose but at least the recovery drink does get results. The advantage here over using a p90 recovery drink alternative is that you know you’re getting something good quality.

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Of course if you’re reading this review anyway then we do have some great reviews of p90x recovery drink alternatives which work well, usually cost less and come in a lot more variety. It’s not that I’m biased or saying the original P90x recovery drink isn’t good – I just don’t understand why you would buy it for the extra cost unless you didn’t know what else to get. It’s not that Beach Bodys P90x recovery drink doesn’t offer anything – it’s that alternatives offer something else for less money but if you’re already working out with this one then it might be worth going with.

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