P90x Protein Bar


P90x Protein Bar



Combining a tasty snack with the results and recovery speed of a recovery drink. The P90x protein bar isn't the cheapest option but it's certainly effective.

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Whether you’re looking for the P90x protein bar as a stand alone supplement for your P90x workout or you prefer to eat and want to use it as a P90x recovery drink alternative – there’s something for you here. The P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars were produced by BeachBody to go alongside the P90x workout and they’ve been getting some pretty good reviews.

The P90x protein bars are more expensive than the recovery drinks. If you want to save some money you could use something like After Max and save yourself some money while still getting the results.

Generally I suggest people go with a recovery drink instead of a protein bar. It’s a liquid already, meaning your body can get what it needs faster from it. It’s easier to drink than it is to eat (there’s some pretty good tasting drinks out there) and you don’t have to workout with a ‘brick’ of protein sitting in your belly. It’s also a lot cheaper to use the drinks than it is the protein bars. There’s an example of some people talking about their preference here.

Still, some people don’t like using a shake. And one of the great things about using a workout like the P90x is that you have the freedom to do things the way you want to. It’s not that the protein bar is bad – it’s just that I think it’s better to use a drink. But it’s each to their own. So I thought I’d take a quick look at the P90x protein bar from BeachBody.

P90x Protein Bar Nutrition Facts

P90x Protein Bar Nutrition Facts 300x201 P90x Protein BarThey’re low carb high protein bars which makes them ideal for using rather than a snack if you’re trying to recover from your workout without having to worry too much about fat. Albeit expensive, they can be used as a backup in the cupboard to replace a snack while you can use your normal recovery drink post-workout.

I don’t suggest some crazy ‘protein bar diet’ here. The P90x (and the P90x2 now) come with nutritional plans for a reason. You need a proper (and healthy) balanced diet. You can use one here and there for a snack. You could, technically, even use one after each workout instead of a recovery drink.

But they shouldn’t replace your meals. Not for your workout success and certainly not for your health. Keep it in moderation – you’d spend a fortune eating nothing but protein bars anyway.

There’s plenty of P90x recovery bar alternatives out there. I’ve actually looked at some in the past as a suggested P90x recovery drink alternative. Basically if you can use any protein bar as an alternative. Look for something high in protein and low in carbs. If you can find something low in price – better yet.

If you don’t want the original P90x protein bar then consider taking a look at the Cliff Bars on Amazon here. They’re probably the best alternative around.

Getting P90x Peak Performance Protein Bars

If you’re looking for the original P90x peak performance protein bar then you can get them in most body building stores which stock the P90x or pick them up online on Amazon here.

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