In several posts during the p90x recovery drink alternative blog I have mentioned people mixing their recovery drinks with other drinks or energy bars. I have made sure not to mention which mixes or suggest any because I don’t really want to promote this.

Any decent p90x supplements option will have a stated dose which you shouldn’t exceed and mixing drinks can lead to this if you’re not careful.

Now it’s not going to kill you then and there. Its not going to make your head spin off and your eyes melt but it’s not healthy for you and you can get great results without resorting to mixing your recovery drinks or going over the suggested limits.

Nobody who works on or how contributed to this blog is a trained health professional. We advise you carefully read the labels of anything you use and consultant with your physician before hand if in any doubt. The p90x is a pretty tough workout and while it’s designed for different ages and builds you shouldn’t put yourself in harms way. Better safe than sorry!

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