What Do You Need for P90x

Whether you’re just getting started or maybe you’ve already started and want to be sure – make sure you know what you need for P90x. The same way as you wouldn’t want to do a job without the right tools – you don’t want to do the P90x without using the right equipment. I mean if you’re just watching the P90x on it’s own and using whatever exercise equipment you can find then you’re probably going to see some results – but it’s not going to be easy.

So here’s a quick run down of the equipment you’ll need for the P90x.

  1. The P90x DVD. This one should be pretty obvious. It’s the core of the entire system and works a lot like a personal trainer in a box. It’s the first thing to get and (unfortunately) the most expensive. It is a one time cost though which is great compared to a trainer or a gym membership. You can see it on Amazon here.
  2. The right equipment. Now there’s a lot of expensive options out there but honestly you don’t need most of them. There’s a great set on Amazon right here which has a full set of resistance bands and a pull/chin up bar. This is really everything you need to get started right there. If you really want, they also have an adjustable barbell which is normally pretty expensive and can really help out.
  3. A recovery drink. You might try and breeze it off and tell me you don’t need one of those – but if you feel like that then you haven’t done the P90x properly yet. It’s a tough workout and a good P90x recovery drink can easily make the difference in quitting and seeing results. Amazon has both the original drink and our top suggested alternative recovery drink.

P90x equipment 300x232 What Do You Need for P90xNow really there’s hundreds of other things you could add to that list. But for the most part, most of it wouldn’t help. Maybe a bottle for your recovery drink if you don’t have easy access to your kitchen while you workout or a workout mat if you don’t like lying on the floor. But other than that you’re just going to need the right frame of mind and some dedication.

Really 90 days (which is the time frame for the P90x) isn’t actually that long. But when you’re working out this hard every day it can start to seem like a lifetime pretty quickly. It’s important you’re realistic with your goals and you’re working properly each and every day. Don’t be afraid to take (short) breaks if you need to but keeping hitting that play button and keep going with your workout.

Now I have a lot of respect for Beachbody. They make a lot of great workouts and the P90x really does take the cake. But some of the stuff they do just seems like it’s piling it on a little much. They sell t-shirts with the name on it and there’s some expensive bottles and everything – but no matter what you buy it’s all going to come down to your own work and motivation.

what do you need for p90x 300x234 What Do You Need for P90xPersonally I’d suggest getting yourself the DVD set, the bands and bar set and a good recovery drink alternative – like After Max or Endurox. Whenever someone asks me “what do you need for P90x?” that’s exactly what I tell them. You can add as much money after that if you want – there’s even a P90x2 for when you’re done with the first one – but honestly I think you should start with that and only spend the extra money once you’ve managed to stick with it and actually see some good results.

If you can honestly do it then by all means go nuts and get the rest. But too many people think they can throw money at it or the more things they buy the easier it’s going to get. Really the more equipment you buy – the more cluttered your room is going to be. This isn’t golf guys, you don’t need that much equipment. Heck I started with a cheap set of bands.

Now having said that you should be pretty careful with the stuff you do buy. The P90x equipment I suggested above has a lot of good reviews behind it. You don’t want to get yourself something in crappy quality because not only might you waste your money – but you might hurt yourself. You don’t want a second hand damaged set of resistance bands which are going to snap and hit you in the face – that probably isn’t covered in the P90x DVD.

So use a little common sense and go for the basics. That’s all you need for P90x so go get started and start seeing those results!

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